Established in 1954 as a manufacturers of Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipments.

The company is one of the leading supplier of Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratory equipments to schools, colleges and research institutes. The sincere efforts made jointly by management and skilled workers touched great heights. To provide best quality products is the main aim of the company.

In 1975 company felt the thirst of Dairy Equipments and developed many products for the promotion of Indian Dairy Industries. The best quality equipments are being supplied to Milk Co-operatives/ Milk Plants all over India besides this,the company has also wide network of dealers all over India and around the globe.

The products of the company are manufactured and marketed under "COWBELL" brand.

We are prominent Manufacturers & Exporters of Milk Cans Aluminium & Stainless Steel, Cream Separators, Milk Buckets Aluminium & Stainless Steel, Butter Churners, Cheese Press, Bulk Milk Collers ( Ice Bank & Direct Expansion Type ), Milk Pasteurizers, Milk Processing Plants, Cheese Vat, Milk Pumps, Road Milk Tankers, Milk Warmers & Milk Boilers.

Our Dairy Equipments for Milk Fat Analysis Section includes : "Cowbell" Milk Testing Centrifuges Hand Operated ( 7 Models ), Gerber Electric Centrifuges ( 16 Models ) , Milk Butyrometers, Product Butyrometsrs, Milk Pipettes, Lactometers, Gerber Centrifuges, Dairy Lab Glasswares, Lactodensimeter, Thermometers,Tilt Measures, Milk Can Plungers , Lock Stoppers, Sample Bottles, Stands and Hydrometers, Lock Stoppers, Brushes, Keys, etc.

We are proud of the fact that our firm contributes to the progress of Dairy Industry and the adaptation of new technologies in India by offering state of the art products in the ever expanding field of Dairy Science.


  • Dairy Equipments for Milk Fat Analysis.
  • Cream Separators From 60 LPH to 1000 LPH
  • Stainless Steel Milk collection Accessories.
  • Milk Cans Stainless Steel & Aluminium
  • Milk Buckets Stainless Steel & Aluminium
  • Cheese Press,Cheese Moulds,Cheese Vat.
  • Milk Chillers, Pasteurizers , Milk Pumps, RMT
  • Laboratory Glasswares & Plasticwares

Kindly forward your valuable enquiries / tender notices for the above mentioned items enabling us to quote our best competitive prices to prove our credentials by serving you.


Team Cowbell

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